Of “Likes”, Subscriptions, and Stuff

In recent weeks I’ve had an increase in traffic to this blog, and doubled my subscribers.  In part this is due to me posting every day as opposed to once every week or so.  

Part of the increase is due to other bloggers chancing on my blog and liking something they see.  Part is due to me seeing something I like, saying so or subscribing to the blog, and the other person reciprocating.  Sometime bloggers read my comments on other blogs and come to check out my blog, and the process repeats.

Here is the thing . . . I used to thank every blogger that liked a post of mine.  It was to acknowledge I truly and honestly appreciate the positive feedback.  If I saw something I liked or found interesting on their blog, I subscribed.  What I noticed was an almost immediate reciprocal subscription.  Maybe they wanted to all along, but to me it seems suspiciously like a quid-pro-quo, as if they felt obliged to do so, or worse yet, rewarding me for subscribing to their blog.  

So, with all that in mind . . .

1) the numbers of “likes” I get now exceed my capacity to acknowledge every one.  Rest assured I still visit the blog of each person “liking” my posts, but if I wrote something in each one, I would use up time I prefer spending playing with photographs, words, or learning stuff.  Not saying I won’t, just saying don’t be put out if you don’t hear from me.  What has not changed is my sincere gratitude for the appreciation of my stuff.

1a) if I like a post, or comment on a post of yours, don’t feel you have to do the same to one of my posts.  It means I found your post interesting, and wanted to recognize and reward the effort behind it.  No need to thank me, or like a post of mine, unless your heart is really in it.  After all, we likely don’t know each other.  

2) if I subscribe to your blog, it’s because I deemed it interesting enough to be worth my time.  Maybe I think I will learn something, be entertained, or otherwise get something out of it.  In other words, I subscribed for my benefit, and my benefit alone. It’s not to make you like me (few people find that ability within them), to get you to recognize me, to increase traffic on my blog, etc. etc.

2b) if someone subscribes to my blog, I would like to think they have looked at the sum-total of my stuff, and found it interesting.  I know some of my friends and family subscribe only for the photos, and ignore the rest of the stuff (they know me well), so I can easily accept that of strangers as well.  However, if you are subscribing to my blog just because I subscribed to yours, you are doing me a disservice, and fueling an already ginormous ego.  Stop that.

I will be adding a note and link to this post at the end of each of my entries.  It may seem excessive, presumptuous even, but I have been concerned about the blogging etiquette and responsibility with regards to interaction with other blogs, and while I am not saying others should do the same,  this clarifies how I intend to approach it.