Of “Likes”, Subscriptions, and Stuff

In recent weeks I’ve had an increase in traffic to this blog, and doubled my subscribers.  In part this is due to me posting every day as opposed to once every week or so.  

Part of the increase is due to other bloggers chancing on my blog and liking something they see.  Part is due to me seeing something I like, saying so or subscribing to the blog, and the other person reciprocating.  Sometime bloggers read my comments on other blogs and come to check out my blog, and the process repeats.

Here is the thing . . . I used to thank every blogger that liked a post of mine.  It was to acknowledge I truly and honestly appreciate the positive feedback.  If I saw something I liked or found interesting on their blog, I subscribed.  What I noticed was an almost immediate reciprocal subscription.  Maybe they wanted to all along, but to me it seems suspiciously like a quid-pro-quo, as if they felt obliged to do so, or worse yet, rewarding me for subscribing to their blog.  

So, with all that in mind . . .

1) the numbers of “likes” I get now exceed my capacity to acknowledge every one.  Rest assured I still visit the blog of each person “liking” my posts, but if I wrote something in each one, I would use up time I prefer spending playing with photographs, words, or learning stuff.  Not saying I won’t, just saying don’t be put out if you don’t hear from me.  What has not changed is my sincere gratitude for the appreciation of my stuff.

1a) if I like a post, or comment on a post of yours, don’t feel you have to do the same to one of my posts.  It means I found your post interesting, and wanted to recognize and reward the effort behind it.  No need to thank me, or like a post of mine, unless your heart is really in it.  After all, we likely don’t know each other.  

2) if I subscribe to your blog, it’s because I deemed it interesting enough to be worth my time.  Maybe I think I will learn something, be entertained, or otherwise get something out of it.  In other words, I subscribed for my benefit, and my benefit alone. It’s not to make you like me (few people find that ability within them), to get you to recognize me, to increase traffic on my blog, etc. etc.

2b) if someone subscribes to my blog, I would like to think they have looked at the sum-total of my stuff, and found it interesting.  I know some of my friends and family subscribe only for the photos, and ignore the rest of the stuff (they know me well), so I can easily accept that of strangers as well.  However, if you are subscribing to my blog just because I subscribed to yours, you are doing me a disservice, and fueling an already ginormous ego.  Stop that.

I will be adding a note and link to this post at the end of each of my entries.  It may seem excessive, presumptuous even, but I have been concerned about the blogging etiquette and responsibility with regards to interaction with other blogs, and while I am not saying others should do the same,  this clarifies how I intend to approach it. 



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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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29 Responses to Of “Likes”, Subscriptions, and Stuff

  1. I don’t have a blog, am almost as antisocial as you are, and only comment on your writings when I have something to say about them. Sometimes, you are the only amusing spot in a dreary day (usually because you are posting a tirade about something or other.) Gotta appreciate that!

    You make me laugh out loud, or even smile, that deserves a thank you.

    You don’t need to comment back, in any case. Although you can if you feel like it.


  2. disperser says:

    . . . but thanks.


  3. I thought ginormous egos need to be stroked!


    • But seriously, I try to think what would be beneficial for that person and what they are trying to share and comment appropriately. I must admit your blog can raise my blood pressure so there are times I can’t even read it! I think that is a testament to the power of your words!


    • disperser says:

      Ahhhh . . . feels good!

      Edited to add . . . this was supposed to go after the last previous comment.


  4. disperser says:

    One of the things I switched on (that I don’t often see elsewhere) is the Crap-Star rating system (my own name – others just call it a rating system).

    That offers more nuanced ratings than “like” or nothing, but hardly anyone uses it. And I think it’s anonymous (not sure about that, but I don’t see names or get notices when someone rates posts by clicking on the appropriate star).

    As for making someone’s blood boil . . . sigh . . . sure wish I literally had that ability. There’s a long list of bad people I would want to take care of.

    BUT . . . I believe I did post warning that even friends and family tend to avoid some of my content (with the appropriate roll of the eyes and “there he goes again”).

    I know full well I won’t change anyone’s mind (never have), but that’s not the point is it? The point is to perhaps offer up a bit of my own thinking so that others might gain a measure of understanding of what I am about. And, of course, to set my own thought in order.

    Thanks for reading, and lest I trigger some adverse reaction, perhaps it’s best to just look at the pictures and avoid my brilliant, but microwave-like, words.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. bluelyon says:

    I with you. It’s enough to keep up with all the email I get (blog-related or not). I subscribe to blogs I think are interesting, not because I want others to subscribe to mine. If they like what I do, fine. If not, also fine. Thanks for reminding me of the star system. I have it on my Blue Lyon, but forgot to turn in on for my photo blog. I agree that it provides a better key of what people really think of my work.

    No need to reply. Really.


  6. Genie says:

    I removed all likes, comments, tags and shares on my blog. Just want to write poetry, don’t like this public display of who likes my stuff. It’s usually done in order to have a “like” on one of their posts, but not always, that’s for sure, I have many people who still “like” my post without the “like” button. It means more to me and like you, I don’t feel obliged to “like” back.
    If I do leave a comment or press a “like” button – it’s because I genuinely mean it.


  7. Rachael says:

    Same wavelength again. I like your style. I may have to copy it. ;)


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  14. GP Cox says:

    There was no place to comment on your Jerk post – just wanted to let you know I got a big kick out it. We’re ALL jerks at some point or another – just others more than some….?


  15. Margie says:

    I was going to respond to your Rude Awakening post. I use the ‘Like’ button a lot, especially if I have nothing new or useful to add. I think WordPress should only let you use the ‘Like’ button if you have been on the webpage long enough to actually read the page…


    • disperser says:

      Usually, I get 2-3 likes within minutes of posting something . . . except I rarely do short posts. There’s just no way for anyone to read them (or just look at the photos) that fast. That said, I don’t worry about it anymore.

      As for the suggestion . . . I think most of the people use the Reader. There’s no way for WP to know what they are reading or how long. In my case, I don’t allow the Reader to show the whole post. That means that more than half of the likes I get are from people who missed most of what I posted. Again, I don’t worry about it anymore.


      • Margie says:

        Personally, I don’t think the ‘Like’ button should be available on the Reader for post excerpts. In an ideal world, there would be an algorithm that disabled the ‘Like’ button for those who abused it…

        Liked by 1 person

      • disperser says:

        Personally, I would like to hunt them and put them down, but I understand people frown on that sorts of thing.


  16. AnnMarie says:

    I see our family interaction as one of great Respect (and a strong foundation of Love). And that’s the way . . . I like it!


  17. WandaFaye says:

    I agree with everything you just posted and respect your opinion on the subject. Wish I had the balls to write a post like this! ;)
    Just so you know, I only ‘Like’ and Follow a blog if the content holds my attention span for longer than a couple of paragraphs. I always go directly to the website to read the post and will occasionally snoop through the archives while I am there.
    Most of your writing and personal opinions are ‘over my head’, but I keep reading because there is always something there that keeps my one lil’ brain cell shining brightly until I finish!! If I have to I will make return visits just to finish reading a long post.
    I seldom comment and only do so if I am able to put my thoughts into written words, which is getting harder the older I get.
    I think I’m finally done commenting, it only took me about an hour this time… I’m getting better!


    • disperser says:

      Thanks for the comment, and don’t feel like you have to. I have many readers who seldom comment. I tend to mix opinions with fiction with photos with humor and so on and on.

      Often, on my longer posts, there’s just no way for anyone to do much more than say “that was a long post”.

      Speaking of long posts, one of my better ones (but only if it captures your interest):

      As for writing posts like these . . . do it and don’t worry about it. Here’s some disjointed advice about that very thing:

      Now, some people maintain that this is something one is born with; I don’t agree. As thinking beings, we have the capacity to rise above the limitations of innate fears. It’s not easy, but neither is it impossible.

      Lest you think I’m just trying to get you to read more and more of my blog, know that I often suggest posts but that I don’t expect people to follow up and read them. People, after all, have lives and their own interests. Nor do I expect feedback.

      Again, thanks for the comment, and if it’s a chore to comment, don’t worry about doing it.


      • WandaFaye says:

        I rose above my limitations of innate fears of speaking my mind a few years ago. The biggest fear now is if I let my real thoughts spew from my mouth, especially when I am amongst people, it might land me in jail or in this case being banned from WordPress!
        Suggest post all you want, it helps ME decide what to read next.
        Thank you for your honest reply.


      • disperser says:

        Should I be worried?

        Seriously, I often wonder how much of what I’ve written might be held against me if I’m ever brought to trial for something. Although words and casual conversations shouldn’t matter all that much, these days people can mine years and years of online interaction and use it to paint whatever picture they want. I’m more aware of that now than I used to be.

        We live in a much different world than even ten years ago.


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