Buffalo Bill Museum – One More Time

Buffalo Bill Museum Stained Glass Entrance.

In the middle of August we had a visitor.  Wanting to appear as gracious hosts, we offered a short drive to Golden, Colorado, and the top of Lookout Mountain, site of Buffalo Bill’s grave and museum.

Actually, I had a new camera, a new lens, and wanted to try out some of the D7000 fabled low-light capabilities combined with Sigma’s 10-20mm f/4-5.6 lens.  

Sitting Bull Display

Well, color me impressed.  If you click on the pictures you will be magically transported to the SmugMug album (42 photos).  The photos allow most of the period photos and accompanying signs to be resolved to the point you can read them if you choose to view the files at full resolution (they are large file – they might load slow).

Mind you, the pictures are grainy, but I was shooting at a high ISO (most photos are shot at ISO 3,200 and above – some a lot above), I was shooting hand-held, and I was in a low-light environment.  I used the on-camera flash for some of the pictures, but the glass made using the flash a tricky proposition.   Most non-photographers won’t care much, but I am very pleased with these. And with the camera.  And with the lens.

More legible writing

The shooting situation is difficult because there are spotlights illuminating white signs.  There are reflections all over the place, and exposing for some things will either wash out or obscure others.

I probably will not return there for a while, but when I do I will take my tripod and try some slower ISO and longer exposure pictures.  I am guessing the results would be even better.

Meanwhile, for those few not bored out of their skulls, enjoy the photographic foray into and around a small but interesting museum.

Oh, I almost forgot.  There is also a grave.  Here I tried a different shot with the wide angle lens I used for most of the inside shots.

The Grave