Red Tailed Hawk – County Line Road, August 2011

In early August, while heading home along County Line Road, I spied a Red-Tailed hawk perched on a small tree by the side of the road.  

I stopped the car, did a U-turn, and parked opposite to it.  I figured the hawk would fly off as soon as I got out of the car, but instead it let me get within 10-15 feet of the tree.  The sun was behind heavy clouds, but I still got some decent shots, especially when it flew off.

Flying low to the ground

It then flew off to a pole, and I followed it.  The tale of the encounter can be read in the captions of the pictures in the SmugMug album (click on the above picture to go there), or one can watch the following movie.  

The movie (slideshow) has all the pictures in the album, and it has captions explaining what happened.  Of course I advise looking at the high resolution pictures, but I know most people don’t bother, so here is the movie.  I suggest watching it on YouTube (click on the YouTube logo on the lower right corner of the movie), and in a higher resolution than here, but again, I am pretty sure few will listen.