A miscellaneous look back

We’ve just entered July, and it seems incredible half of 2011 has slipped from being full of future promises into being a repository of opportunities lost.  

This post exists because I have some lingering pictures that don’t fit into anything in particular, and thought people might want to see them.  Or not.  I just want to publish them so I don’t feel bad about ignoring them for so long.  As usual, click on the pictures to go to the SmugMug album.  Or in this case, albums.

One thing I don’t overly miss these days is the snow.  This past winter was a very dry one, with only 40% of our normal 150 inches of snow dropping in to visit.  Even so there were occasions when the weather presented me with photo opportunities.

First up, the Fire Globe ornament on my front lawn was often turned into the Frost Planet by moisture from passing clouds.

The Fire Globe is now The Frost Planet

The Fire Globe is now The Frost Planet

Amazing how it just seems to be floating in mid-air!!  You see, it was so cold the air itself froze solid, suspending stuff in it.  Took me two hours to chisel a tunnel to the ornament so I could take a picture.  I then had to chisel a tunnel back to my front door.

Clicking on the picture will take you to a small (9 pictures) gallery of other frosted stuff.  Like, for instance, my hummingbird lawn ornament.

Metal lawn ornament frozen in time

Metal lawn ornament frozen in time

Next up is an album all relating to snow and Pikes Peak.  

Cloud Shrouded Pikes Peak

Cloud Shrouded Pikes Peak

We typically get snow well into the later part of May, and this year was no exception.  

The picture on the right is actually from May 19, and the snow you see on the trees was all melted by mid-morning of the day in question.

Not so for the snow pack on the Peak.  It got a good dumping, and it lasted a number of days despite the warming temperatures.  The clouds obscuring the Peak are a rarity.  Usually if there are clouds they don’t linger long, or there are so many you can’t see the Peak in the first place.

The panorama below is from the day after, May 20th.  The combination of the low clouds, some quite dark, the snow, and the sunshine made it a dramatic view for me to enjoy and capture.

Of course, the pictures don’t do it justice, but for people who were not there they serve as a hint to the awesome spectacle the Peak presents us with.

Pikes Peak Panorama from 5 photos

Pikes Peak Panorama from 5 photos

That is one picture which might be worth seeing in higher resolution.  I would not do “Original” unless you have a fast connection.  The X3 option offers up enough detail to make it interesting, but the Original size really lets you get up and personal with the picture.

Last, but not least, a few pictures from March.  I got to work one morning and noticed the new moon out and about.  I saw it through power wires, and thought in combination with some of the stars that were out I could make the equivalent of sheet music with the moon and stars serving as notes, and the wires as the Staff (yes, I know there are six wires as opposed to five).  

Moon and star on wires

Moon and star on wires

As it turns out, only one star showed up on the picture, so the original idea went by the wayside, but I still like the composition of the moon and trees.   And it’s not even a star . . . it’s Venus. 

The Moon, the Star, and the Trees

The Moon, the Star, and the Trees

And yes, the moon is slightly out of focus (I did not have my reading glasses on, so the preview of the picture looked OK to my poor, tired, soulless eyes).

However, what I learned during my long, but seemingly short life is that there will be other opportunities for these kinds of shots since the moon is still up there, so are the stars, and the trees don’t move around much.

Of course, if I win the Lotto all bets are off as I will not be found anywhere near the parking lot of the building where I work. 

Yup, I’m not one of those idiots who win and say stuff like “I think I will keep my janitor job for a while”.  I will be out of there like a shot.  

You know, like you see in cartoons where the character leaves a hole in the wall in the shape of the outline of them running.

Anyway, that’s it.  My odd pictures are taken care of.  There are three galleries associated with this post, all of them small.

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