D’Alise 2009-2010 Hawai’i Vacation – Maui and Oahu


Edited to add: Google keeps moving crap around. I keep rebuilding them, but whenever they change how and where they store stuff, it messes up these links. If you hit a dead link, let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

I decided to try something new . . . or at least new for me.  I am using Google Docs to hopefully make a large amount of text easier to navigate.  I hope this will result in a better presentation of what is sure to someday be recognized as an incredible piece of writing.  “Incredible” is a neat word; it makes no claim to quality so each reader can assign their own meaning to it (i.e. as in “incredibly bad”, “incredibly boring”, etc.)

    Since I had already mailed out (and posted) the account of our time on the Big Island, the following restricts itself to documenting the remainder of the D’Alise 2009-2010 Hawai’i vacation, namely our time in Maui, and our brief stay in Oahu.

    For them who be wondering, the albums and playlists I link to in these documents are the same as what was mailed out and posted before.  That is, there are no new pictures.  However, the pictures have been reorganized and some albums renamed.  That means some of the links in the two e-mails  I previously sent will not work.  Hopefully, these are OK.  Please let me know if there are problems.

    Each document should link to the one preceding it and to the one following it, as well as this main document.  I provide options for navigation both at the beginning and at the end of each document. 

Each should open in the same window or tab, including the picture albums . . . but I don’t know of a way to link back from Picasa.  Therefore I suggest opening the Picasa albums in separate windows/tabs.  If not, hit the “Back” button to return to the document.

    Enough chit-chat, and on to The Narrative, starting with our departure from the Big Island . . . . 

Maui Update – 1  <<<<  click here for start of narrative


Here are links to two YouTube playlists which did not make it into the write-ups:

For those who want to pick and choose, here are the links to all the documents, and links therein:

write-up on rental cars

Pictures in album Maui – 1  (27 photos)

    Pictures in album Maui – 2  (37 photos)
    Pictures in album Maui – 3  (18 photos)
Haleakala document
    Pictures in album Haleakala  (52 photos)

Pictures in album Aloha Maui . . . Aloha Waikiki  (14 photos)

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