February’s End Part 2: Ute Pass and Freezing Mist

This could qualify as my lamest post ever, so I decided to spruce it up with some videos.  That’s right; you hear me correctly.  Videos.  But yeah, there are still pictures.

The pictures for this short post are at this link (you can also click on any of the pictures):


If you want to see the videos, you’ll have to read on.  Plus, as an extra incentive, there is a bonus video at the bottom of the post.  Read on, and be surprised.

Ute Pass shrouded in freezing fog
Ute Pass shrouded in freezing fog

This barely made the February update, hitting just before the end of the month.  What you see in these pictures is a sample from a 2 miles stretch of Ute Pass.  Above here there is sun shining, and below here there is sun shining.  But here, here a cloud had settled, and spurred by the below-freezing temperatures the moisture started to crystallize on every surface it found. (you can click on the picture for the SmugMug album and larger pictures).

Ute Pass under a freezing fog
Ute Pass under a freezing fog

Approaching this big glob of white sitting between two hillsides, it looked like someone had dumped a load of whipped cream onto the hills.  Once inside the cloud, the drab winter landscape was transformed into a visually intriguing winter landscape.

The pictures don’t really do it justice (they never do, even when I am happy with them).

I even tried putting some up in Black and White (see the album), and I considered playing around with effects.  I think the problem is they are not dynamic.  There is no interesting feature to catch one’s eye (provided one was inclined to throw it).

Honestly, I was not going to write this up, but I had shot some video with my little Panasonic.  It may be small, but it does a decent job of capturing the moment.  Someday I will own a camera that also takes movies, but for now this has to do.

I added music so as to mask the eerie silence.

And now the bonus I had promised.  There are actually two.

The first is a very short video I shot while getting gas in Woodland Park.  It shows winds blowing snow off Pikes Peak.  Yeah, it’s boring, but the video after that will make up for sticking with me through this one.

And here it is, the last video.  It is a short pan of the wall of my office at work.  The pictures you see plastered up there are all mine.  You don’t even get to see all of them, but you get the idea of what my office looks like.

That’s it.  If you made it this far, don’t be mad at me for wasting a few minutes of your life.  Think of it more as a respite from much worse stuff you could have been experiencing if you lived in the Dark Ages.  Like the Plauge.