February’s End – Part 1

I am staring at the end of February, and with little to show for the last few months.  I have a number of opinion pieces I am working on, but so far only managed to get one out.  That, plus a post on fiddling with photographs (which I hope to do more of).

Fear not!!  I may not have content of my own, but Wimp.com is ready to come to my rescue.

These are videos that amused me, made me smile, and got my own creative juices going.

First up, my project for the first winter after I retire.  That assumes I will still be living in a place where snowfall is abundant.  It also assumes at some point I will get to retire.

If we still live here in Colorado, and particularly on the Palmer Divide, there should be no shortage of snow, especially in the Spring.  The problem is building the thing before the snow melts.  Our normal temperature in the winter is above freezing, and even after heavy dumps, the snow does not hang around much.  Anyway, I am making a mental note regarding this project.


Next up, an offering of imagination blended with sword-skill, and presented with music.  It’s genuinely clever but likely to interest only a few of the few who read my stuff.  Of those few, fewer still will click on the link, and odds are that person will not find this interesting.


But this next offering will connect with people, and they will watch it a couple of times.  I think in part it’s the angle they are shooting at that makes it seem so incredible, but there is no question the guy can lift a leg or two.


The few.  The brave.  The foolish people who know me beyond a mere name . . . they probably don’t know I am a sucker for romance.  No, I don’t read romance novels, as I am not particularly interested in sexually-charged-but-angsty relationships between couples awash with bodices and long, flowing hair (and that’s just the men).

No, I prefer more realistic romance, the kind made extraordinary by ordinary people.


Last but not least, this sings to my photographer’s heart.  I’ve seen lots of stop motion photography, and that is definitively in my list of things to do . . . you know, when I retire.  This example is one of the cleverest I’ve seen in a while.  Very imaginative, and very well done.


And there you have it.  A shiny testimonial of why I have yet to be published, become a millionaire, or have anything worthwhile to show for my time on this rock.

Oh . . . I should probably include a picture.  Even though it has nothing to do with this post, I hear pictures increase viewership, so here you go.

This is Oscar.  He was my first pet.  The year is 1978, the year I started working at Cadillac Motors.

Oscar, my first pet