2010 – The Year in Pictures

Those who read my posts already know I take a lot of pictures.  Most of them end up in albums that are linked through these posts.  Almost all can be found at SmugMug, but even with as many pictures as I post, many others never receive the light of public scrutiny.

So, I decided to do a review of 2010 via photos that, with a few exception, most people have not seen.  I picked one a month, and wrote the following in support of their debut.

Road to Hana - Maui, HI

We start with January finding us on Maui.  The above is one of the shots taken while on the Road to Hana.  People might quickly realize there is no SmugMug album for Hawaii, and that is because at that time I decided to try something different.

Basically I wrote a master Google Document that linked to all sorts of pictures, accounts and movies of our stay in Hawaii.  I like how it came out, but most people followed less than half the links, so I abandoned that particular type of offering because I assumed people did not like it.

As it turns out, people don’t follow but a tiny bit of what I do, so it had nothing to do with the format it was presented.  Now I blog, and truthfully it’s a lot less work.

Pikes Peak from Woodland Park, CO

February found me back at work, and while not much is to be said for work, it does have the advantage of offering occasionally spectacular views of Pikes Peak.  Especially when it snows.  Also, when clouds are hanging around the mountain they give it a more pleasant look.

The above is taken from the parking lot where I work.  Yes, I look at the mountain every day.  I think I will tire of work long before I tire of looking at The Peak.

The Chapel at the US Air Force Academy

In March we had guests staying with us, and one of the places that is always interesting to visit is the Air Force Academy.  The above is a picture of the very unique, and photogenic, Chapel.

The planes that I have at the Free Wallpaper gallery are from the same plaza I took this photo from, and are scale models on poles.  By the way, eleven of the pictures referenced in this post are available as free wallpaper at the above gallery.

A Sparrow braving the big April snowstorm

The 2009-2010 winter was not that bad, but we did get a couple of good dumps.  One of them was in April, and is documented in this gallery.  Oddly enough, it was nearly a year to the day from a big storm in 2009.

The above shot is part of that album, but I like the shot a lot, and figure it’s a good placeholder for the month of April as I look back at 2010.  By the way, this is not a loving look back at the year that was.  The year sucked, so this is just a way of showcasing some photographs I like.

Northern Flicker on budding dogwood tree

Come May I had the opportunity to photograph a bird that is very hard to shoot.  They typically stand still for less time than it takes to raise the camera and press the shutter.

However, in this particular instance I caught this fellow resting . . . he was in the process of carving out a nest site on the siding of the building where I play racquetball, Lynmar Tennis Club, now owned by Lifetime.  Lifetime, the slimeballs who decided to build a new facility devoid of any racquetball courts.

Sorry . . . lost my focus there for a moment.  Anyway, I thought this picture was perfect for this as it also shows the budding of the dogwood tree.  Yes, in May we are just beginning to get into Spring.

Mare and colt

This is another picture that has appeared elsewhere, but it’s one of my favorite of this past year.  This was snapped on the way to the Paint Mines, one of El Paso County Parks.

I stated before when I posted this that it’s primarily to attract female viewers as they are suckers for this sort of stuff.  The only thing that might beat this is some kitten peeking out of an old boot, but I did not have one of those pictures.  Our cat is twenty year old, and she is not partial to boots.

But really, I like it too.  The picture above, not the kitten in the boot.  Well, OK . . . I’d probably like the kitten picture as well.  I am, after all, a softy at heart.  An armed softy, but a softy nonetheless.

Independence Pass and the Continental Divide

In July we had guests visiting, and for me it’s a perfect opportunity to show off some of Colorado’s sights.  In this particular instance, it was a trip to Independence Pass, crossing the Continental Divide.

I really love this area for the wildflowers, the lake, the views, the mountain . . . well, you get the idea; I like the place.  And the thing is, there are many places like it in Colorado, and as long as I am here, I aim to visit as many of them as I can.

Colorado scenery

Of course, we also drive around when we have no guests.  Anyone who knows me is already aware of my propensity for road trips.  We both enjoy them, and in this particular August weekend, we took our brand new Toyota Highlander for a tour through some roads we had not driven before.

We drove down to Walsenburg, and took Rt. 69 to Hwy. 50, and back home.  The above picture is on Rt. 69.  I liked the remnants of homestead from days gone by, but I also like the open vista framed by the distant mountains.

Palmer Lake

In 2010 we were fairly disciplined with our walking.  Melisa did over 20 miles per week, and for many of those I joined her, giving me the opportunity to snap the occasional picture.

One of our favorite places to walk is the path that goes around Palmer Lake.  It’s 0.80 miles, and links to the Santa Fe Trail, which also offers a good mix of photo opportunities (Santa Fe Trail blog post).

I figure I should have at least one photo in B&W, and this looked like a good candidate to cover the month of September.

Red Maple Leaves

October is best represented by some fall colors.  In Colorado it’s Aspens that are associated with Fall Colors, and they are magnificent, but there are a couple of trees in my yard that are also good for some colorful foliage.  In particular I like the little maple that each year fires up impossibly red leaves that seem aglow when sunlight shines through them.

This series only had a few pictures, and I am glad to use one of them here, otherwise no one but me will ever see them.

Then again, even with them being here, there is a good chance no one but me will look a t them.

The Cows of November

Yes, it’s a play on words to the phrase of The Storms of November, referencing Michigan’s Lake Superior fierce November gales (re: the Edmund Fitzgerald).  Here we have the much more serene view of cows riding the rolling hills of Northern El Paso County.

This was a late afternoon/evening shot in the middle of November.  I mean, I had all those wonderful sunsets I could have posted, but I already showcased those, as well as the spectacular sunrise in the same month.  By the way, I called it the Fire Dog, but it should have been The Fire Wolf.  Alas, the name has already been given, so Fire Dog it remains.

Anyway, this pastoral scene struck my fancy as I was driving home, and I snapped away at it, trying to capture the essence of the feeling it evoked.  Hmmm . . . hamburgers.

And so we come to December.  Guess what?  For various reasons, I took very few pictures in December, and none worthy of placing them here.  So instead I go back to April, and present you this:

1999 GMC Suburban

a small tribute to my 1999 GMC Suburban (the last year GMC used the name Suburban, changing it to Yukon XL beginning with the 2000 model year).  As I said, I bought a Toyota Highlander to replace the old gal, but I left her in good hands, where it continues to be appreciated for what it is.  A heck of a transport.

For 12 years it carried me about in good and bad weather, and this picture from the April snowstorm attests to what it was best at doing; getting me home safe.  That day I passed many a stuck cars, went through deep snow, icy conditions, but never doubted I would make it home. The Suburban never failed to confirm my trust in it, and this storm was no exception.

And there you have it.  A year in picture . . . pictures that for the most part would not normally take their place in a SmugMug album.  But not only did they make the album (2010 – A Year in Pictures), but also made it as Wallpapers in my Free Wallpaper album.

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