Holiday Wishes for my readers

I post this here because not all who read this are on my mailing list.  Hopefully those who are won’t mind reading it again.

Pikes Peak
Another holiday season is upon us, and as we dust off our address book we wonder why we need a special time of year to keep in touch.  It’s because life demands a lot of attention, especially these days.

Perhaps then it’s OK once a year to take the time to let people who have shared portions of our lives know that yes, we are still alive, and yes, we still remember.  Separated by time and space we may no longer stand shoulder to shoulder to help each other face day-to-day struggles , but we have not forgotten the times, happy and sad, of days past.

We also acknowledge people we have never met, but who nonetheless contribute to the tapestry of our lives.  Such is the world nowadays; in an age of instant global communication, we make friends in places far and near.  It is perhaps sad to contemplate we might never meet, but in many ways there is a sense of wonder to that, and a realization we do indeed live in interesting times.

So, in the spirit of the season, my greetings full of wishes for good health, for good fortune, and for good friends standing shoulder to shoulder with you, either in real life or in virtual space, to help you face current and future struggles, and to help you enjoy what good times come your way.