Colorado Fauna – The Ubiquitous Alpacas

Alpaca Visage
Alpaca Visage

These things are quite peculiar-looking.  Their wool is hypoallergenic, very soft, warm, and expensive.  Some of these animals, depending on the color, can get up to several tens of thousands of dollars in value.

Colorado Alpaca
I can't decide if they are inquisitive and smart, or dumber than wood.

They look dainty, but are native to rugged areas of the Andes.  They are quite hardy, and prone to few problems.  Make no mistake; they are not pets, but investments.  Judging from the number of small farms in the area, it must be quite the profitable investment.

Alpaca with an attitude
This fellow looks like he has an attitude

Clicking on any of the Alpaca picture will take you to a small SmugMug gallery of local animals from farms near where I live.