Colorado Fauna – The Camels

Yes, you read right.  Camels.  In Colorado.

Colorado Camels
Not wild, but two camels are a regular site along Hwy. 105 out of Palmer Lake

That’s something one does not expect to see in the middle of Colorado, at a 7,000 feet elevation.   A pair of camels, male and female, on a pasture along Hwy. 105, about 5-7 miles north of Palmer Lake.  I’ve been seeing them for the better part of the year, but the photos span about three months. (click on any of them to be taken to the SmugMug album)

Colorado Camel - female
Colorado Camel - the female

The first group was in August, when the grass was still green.  The second set of pictures is in mid-October.  I’ve not driven by there recently, so I don’t know how they are faring in the cold weather.  I assume they may be housed indoors, but one of these days I’ll swing by and check.

Colorado Camels - October
Colorado Camel - Late October

They are not elegant animals, but I have to admit they look cuter up-close.  I understand they stink to high heaven, and they have a tendency to spit, but these two exhibited neither tendencies.

Colorado Camel with flower
Colorado Camel - I think she looks quite good with the flower in her mouth

When I was there in August another car had stopped, disgorged a family, and the kids went right up to the fence.  The camels too came up to the fence, and a couple of kids fed it some flowers from plants outside the fence.  I thought it was cute.

I look forward to seeing them whenever we drive up that way.  The camels, not the kids.