Free Wallpaper – Smokey Mountains


Blue Ridge Parkway crossing over the St. James Bridge

In 2005, during my brief retirement after having closed Hartwick Professionals, we took a trip from Colorado Springs to Maryland.  Along the way we collected my father-in-law, and we took a scenic route that included Mammoth Cave, the Smokey Mountains National Park, and then onto Shenandoah National Park via the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The shot above is the BRP crossing over the St. James River.  There’s a nice little rest area, and remnants of small locks used to move freight up and down the river.

This next shot is a generic spot in the Smokey Mountains NP; nothing special about other than lots of green.  I lived 26 years in Michigan, and was used to lots of green, but this trip, a mere 9 months after moving to Colorado shocked me . . . the tree canopy, forest lining the road, and the abundance of green seemed confining, oppressive even.

Yep, I had gotten used to the wide-open spaces out here, and the ever-present rock formations.  Here in Colorado, when the horizon is obstructed it’s hills and mountains that offer interesting sights and textures.  But out East you can’t see a long way . . . the trees intrude on sight and mind, and offer no solace for the spirit.  At least not for my spirit.

Anyway, made some more free wallpapers for them who are interested.  As usual, click on either picture to be taken to the Wallpaper gallery.

A generic scenic spot in Smokey Mountains National Park

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3 Responses to Free Wallpaper – Smokey Mountains

  1. I like all that green. Made the place almost magical. Oppressive, I don’t know, but such places are usually damp, cold and dark compared with open spaces. I like it all, I guess….


    • disperser says:

      I am not big on dampness, or humidity in general. This was not particularly so, nor did we have mosquitoes bothering us.

      We were there in the fall, and it’s probably very different in the summer.


  2. AnnMarie says:

    It’s easy to look at a photo from my comfortable home environment . . . and pronounce it beautiful . . . without feeling any of its environmental effects.

    I guess that’s one way to hitch a free ride around the globe . . .

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