Free Wallpaper – Place of Refuge 2

Another Place of Refuge Picture

Another Place of Refuge Picture

Here is another shot from the Place of Refuge (

I can’t say much more about it since I already said stuff on the first picture from the place . . . of refuge.

Here’s what I did not like about it: not the place itself; that was beautiful.  No, it’s the idea one could get away with anything if they were strong swimmers.  Do something bad, swim across the bay, live in exile for a while, and then rejoin the tribe cleansed of your transgressions.

Michael Phelps could have been a master criminal.

Anyway, as usual, click on the picture, go to the site, and if so inclined choose one of the three albums and grab yourself a wallpaper.  Or two . . . or three . . . or not.

About disperser

Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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