Hunting Fox – Woodland Park, 27Apr2010

Often I’m sitting at work, slugging my way through the analysis of some antenna installation or other, when someone calls me to come photograph wildlife on the empty field next to our office building.   In this case it was a fox passing through.

The Fox, she is a-hunting

The Fox, she is a-hunting

I followed it as it made it’s way across the opening at a pretty good pace.  It’s worth noting it blended in very well, and were it not moving I would have likely not even noticed.

All of a sudden it stops, and acts as if something is out there (food).

Something's out there

Something's out there - probably food

I sat there for a number of minutes, camera poised, shutter half depressed to lock in focus and engage the vibration reduction, and waited for it to make its leap.

Unfortunately when it did leap I moved the camera to follow it, and the picture below is what I got.  But, the next picture was clear, and it shows the fox in mid-leap.

Click on any of the photos to go to the SmugMug album and see the mid-leap photo.

Why, there is even a YouTube slideshow of the album pictures, set to music and everything.

The leap I missed

The leap I missed

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3 Responses to Hunting Fox – Woodland Park, 27Apr2010

  1. AnnMarie says:

    Your narrative suggests that there are photos in between your paragraphs, unfortunately, they aren’t all appearing. Not to worry, though, I clicked on the YouTube slideshow and saw the sequence plus I went to SmugMug to really get a good look.

    That leaping fox photo is fabulous!


    • AnnMarie says:

      Actually . . . now that I’ve looked at several more posts after this one, I realize that there is a lot of space in-between your paragraphs . . . so, maybe you didn’t have any photos inserted in-between (as I noted in my previous comment). Nevertheless, the “leaping fox” would have made a great addition!


    • disperser says:

      No, you’re right. The photos should be there. That’s a WP glitch.

      You can look at the YouTube animation to see all the photo that should have been in the post.


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