Free Wallpaper – The Road to Hana, Maui

The Road to Hana
Typical inlet, with the Road to Hana visible on the hillside

I characterize the road as winding.  It’s not a road I would travel at night, although perhaps it would be easier since the tourists would likely be back at their hotels.  Of course that would leave only locals, and they are a tad worse then the tourists.

This was the third time we traveled this road, and it’s likely the last for a good many years.  I mean, I will suggest newcomers experience it all, but be aware that as in life, it’s often the journey that is worth while, not the destination.

Anyway, as usual click on the picture to be offered the choice of three different size galleries containing the original of the above in, you guessed it, three different sizes.  Feel free to download it in the size you want, or to just look at it and the others in wonder and awe.  Or maybe just a little appreciation.  Boredom? . . . sure, whatever floats your boat.