Reader Feedback

I be having switched on the rating option for each post, and I would very much appreciate feedback from people who suffered through reading and looking at this stuff.

In case anyone feels hesitant to rip into me for something they really hated, or lavish me with praise for a life-changing experience, I want to reassure readers that ratings are anonymous, as are the stats for the blog.

I can find out how many time a particular article or page was viewed, but not who read it.

I mention this because I would really like to know how this stuff is received.  Sure, I have family and friends who say it was “fine”, or “nice”, but who knows what they really think. Frankly, with very few exception, most of them don’t like me much, and it’s only politeness that keeps them from expressing their disgust in ways I would likely find disturbing.

So, take a moment and click on a star matching your mood subsequent to reading these fine offerings.  Thanks.