Tales from Maui and Oahu

This was my second update from our Hawaii trip.  It spans the week we spent on Maui, and the two days we were on Waikiki.

For this update I tried something new; I used a master Google Document to link to other Google Documents containing my travel logs, and include within those documents links to the photo albums and video playlists from our stay on the Sandwich Islands.

Everything starts from clicking on the link indicated below.  Again, for them who already saw this, you can just ignore it as I attempt to consolidate where and how my stuff appears.


I decided to try something new.

It may be many people will find it daunting, mostly because in my attempt to make it easy and flexible I probably made it complicated and confusing . . . but it’s just a bunch of linked documents which recount our stay in Maui and Oahu.  Our Big Island stay was previously mailed out, so I did not repeat it.

I know few, if any, will be interested in reading my lengthy accounts . . . that’s fine.  The link below will take you to a sort of portal to the write-ups, pictures, and movie clips.  Read, look at, or watch whatever you are interested in.

Anyway, click HERE for the start of the adventure.