First Post

As everyone moves to social media sites, podcasts, and video-casts, and as blogs blend into a mass of irrelevance, I am jumping in and starting to blog.  To be fair, I’ve had a blog over at Skepticality for some time now, but it never quite felt as if it was a proper blog.

Mind you, I appreciate the opportunity, the site is great, and using it is easy.  But I now must venture out and see just how frustrating it is to post my thoughts, writings, and photos where no one is likely to take notice of them.

Ah, but I have a plan!!  . . . I plan to augment new posts with a mix of ideas, stories, and photos I’ve posted elsewhere (Skepticality and FaceBook).  I’m heading in that direction because blogs with little content generate little interest . . . not that I’m saying I’ll generate interest, but the odds are greater if there’s actually something to read if people happen to visit this blog.

Well, OK . . . the main reason is I enjoy reading my old stuff.  I have a (relatively) large volume of mostly unseen content, and re-posting it here, intermingled with fresh material, is likely to give the occasional reader the idea I am a prolific writer.  Notice I did not say great, or even good.

No, I have no illusions of greatness.  Well . . . I have personal illusions; I don’t let a day go by without praising myself on my philosophy of life, my writing efforts, and my photography.  Considering I am self-thought, I have great admiration for myself and my efforts in various things I dabble in.  I know few, if any, share in my self-adulation, but that’s why it’s so important for me to steadfastly maintain my one-person cheering section.

Yessiree (or is it yesiree?), I am my number one fan, so I’m assured at least one visit and one reading for each of my posts.  And I know for a fact I will find them insightful, interesting, and always entertaining.

And so I begin . . .

About disperser

Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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7 Responses to First Post

  1. disperser says:

    Testing comments


  2. AnnMarie says:

    I was curious as to what your first post was (is) and if I had read it. Seems not, so I just did and here’s my comment. And belated best wishes for a long and joy filled blogging experience!


  3. disperser says:

    I predict at least four years.


  4. Wow! Cool to read your first post…see your beginning here on WP! I’m glad you began and are still blogging!
    HUGS!!! :-)


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